On the laydown area on oil rig TYRA WEST they were experiencing great problems with their Fire Protective Paint (FPP).  It was chipped and damaged by the constant loading and unloading of containers.

The FPP had to be in place since the laydown area was on top of the oil rigs huge gas generators.


LINE-X XS100 was sprayed 5 mm ( 1/4 inch) thick onto the Fire Protective Paint (FPP)  with tenacious adhesion.  Rescue exits were painted yellow immediately after spraying  LINE-X to get the best adhesion possible. The job was completed in 12 hours and back in service in 1 hour with almost no change in daily operations of the area.


The lay down area has been used since the summer of 2005, and the coating in this area with LINE-X has changed the recoat interval 6 times up until now.

MÆRSK OIL&GAS has chosen LINE-X for this area to get the strongest possible protection of their Fire Protective Paint and also to keep recoating time to a minimum.