The demand for LINE-X Spray-On van, bedliners  and other protective  coatings is rapidly expanding throughout the world.  However, we have  one problem. We simply do not have enough dealers  established to supply the demand.

While we now have over 500 dealers  worldwide helping  to solve this problem, we currently require dealers in Scandinavia, Greenland and Iceland. Our  need for dealers is an ideal opportunity for you  to start a LINE-X  business in your area to supply this demand. It is  also an opportunity  for you to serve your business community with this  great product.

Starting a LINE-X dealership or adding LINE-X to  your current  business is an exceptional way to launch yourself into the multi-billion pound protective coatings industry. We are looking for the right people to build a solid foundation of highly ethical and successful businesses. You must be willing to take the challenge.

We are dedicated to providing you with the training, technical, and product support that will help you become an expert in the field.
If  you are comparing LINE-X to other bedliner companies or  opportunities  you should be aware that LINE-X is the Top-of-the-Line Product.

In the  USA LINE-X has been rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as a  “Top 500  Franchise” two years in a row. Most recently LINE-X was named  by  Entrepreneur as one the “50 Best New Franchises” and one of the “50   Fastest Growing Franchise.” You can join us and capitalize on this success.

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