Fish Ponds


Several community fish ponds were leaking and required lining. Additionally, the fish ponds were being vandalized by bricks and other damaging materials being thrown into them.

The client required a solution that would protect the fish pond liners from leaking while withstanding the abuse of the bricks. Turn-around time was extremely important. The Koi Carp living in the fish ponds would need to be transferred to temporary tanks during the process.


The ponds were emptied, pressure washed & dried. The substrate was then scuffed up using wire cup brushes.

LINE-X SF-515 (CFC, VOC & Solvent Free) Primer was applied to help promote adhesion for the LINE-X  XS-350 which was then sprayed to a minimal thickness of 3mm.  The ponds were sprayed and completed in 10 hours. Once tack free and completely hardened, the ponds were filled and the Koi Carp were placed back in their permanent homes within 24 hours.


LINE-X XS-350 was chosen as it is certified for use as a potable water containment.  XS-350 exhibits high tensile, impact, tear and elongation properties withstanding the everyday abuse from vandals, as well as maintaining the waterproof lining should ground movement occur.


The customer was very happy with the results. The LINE-X coating protected the pond from damage due to vandalism while containing the water preventing leakage. Since the LINE-X product dries quickly, the turn-around time was kept to a minimum.