PAXCON is the military and defence products from LINE-X.

PAXCON® offers a revolutionary development in Blast Mitigation. Known in military and research circles as an Energy Resistant Coating (ERC), the PAXCON® coating is flexible yet stronger than steel, this means that walls coated with the unique PAXCON® coating can withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than a normal, uncoated wall.

The PAXCON® coating holds numerous types of structural materials together including wood, steel, plasterboard, concrete, brick, block and more.

In the event of an explosion, the PAXCON® coated walls flex, but stay together.

PAXCON® are also providing quality protective polymer coatings to a wide range of applications, including leak protection on fuel tanks,  anti spall coating on small-arms protective inserts for military ballistic vests and other light weight armour for helicopters, ships and vehicles.