If you provide the workshop, we’ll provide the necessary equipment, training and support that will put you in business today!

The LINE-X package includes the speciality equipment necessary to run a successful business.

We will supply you with the:  Easiest to Use… Most Reliable spray system available..

The LINE-X equipment is a high pressure heated system. The equipment pressurizes the liquid components and heats them, separately. Then through heated hoses, the material is brought together at the very tip of the gun.

The gun is very simple to use. Just trigger the gun and it sprays! Let go of the trigger and it stops. There is no flushing or purging of the lines or gun because the materials are kept separate.
You will run the business and we will support you with our knowledge about coatings, surface preperation and Graco spray systems.
for more information on becoming a LINE-X applicator please contact us.
We can also assist with  LEASING options


  • LINE-X spray machine air pressure requirements:
  • only 100 psi, 20 cfm. (10 hp air compressor).
  • No solvent use, makes us very environmentally friendly.
  • No flushing or purging required.
  • Product versatility.
  • EPA exempt (no VOCs or CFCs, 100% solids) and NIOSH approved).

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